Voting System

Because the audience is the primary subject in the industry, EventDAO wants to empower them to make decisions.
We are developing a DAO system that will empower their ideas and improve the overall user experience. DAO members will develop and vote on the event's events, artists, locations, decoration, and layout decisions - a completely unique experience produced by the community. To that end, EventDAO provides two methods of voting.

EventDAO Governance

EventDAO Cards are the top tier of EventDAO Utilities.
They have voting rights to govern EventDAO's own events as well as other DAO voting. Cards must be staked on the Governance to be able to vote, and their voting weights increase with time. EventDAO's voting mechanism is based on three different variables for each of the three cards.
First, The HODL – The length of time you HODL your card affects the weight of your vote.
Second, the LISTING — If your card is not listed on any NFT Marketplace, the vote weight will be increased algorithmically.
Third, the Card itself — the CEO, and VIP Cards have a higher vote weight than the Pass Card, but a Pass Card held for 100 days will have more vote weight than a VP card held for only a week, ensuring that votes are balanced overall.

$EVENT Auction

The $EVENT Token's principal utility is the $EVENT Auction. Individuals can use their $EVENT Token to propose events and vote on them. Stakers' vote weights and proposal rights are proportional to their stake levels. Winning auctions will receive EventDAO benefits and will have their event listed on the Marketplace. With $EVENT, you will be able to vote in weekly auctions on the Event DAO Dashboard, allowing the community to choose the events for the following week.