Voting System

At EventDAO, we believe that the audience should have a say in the events they attend. That is why we are developing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) system that empowers our community members to make decisions and shape the events they attend.
As a DAO member, you will have the opportunity to participate in the development and voting of events, artists, locations, and other aspects of event planning. This allows for a truly unique and community-driven event experience.
To facilitate this democratic process, EventDAO offers two methods of voting: staking $EVENT tokens and staking NFTs. These mechanisms allow our community members to exercise their influence and contribute to the direction of the DAO. By participating in the governance of EventDAO, you can help shape the future of the event industry and create truly memorable experiences.

EventDAO Governance

EventDAO Cards are a key feature of our platform's utilities. These cards grant voting rights for the governance of EventDAO events and other DAO decisions. In order to vote, EventDAO Cards must be staked on the Governance panel. The weight of a user's vote is determined by three variables: the length of time the card is held (HODL), whether the card is listed on an NFT marketplace (LISTING), and the type of card (CEO, VIP, or Pass).
For example, a CEO Card that is held for a longer period of time and is not listed on an NFT marketplace will have a higher vote weight than a Pass Card that is held for a shorter period of time and is listed on an NFT marketplace. This voting mechanism ensures that the overall balance of votes is fair and representative of the community.

$EVENT Auction

The $EVENT token is a key feature of the EventDAO platform. Its primary use is in the $EVENT Auction, where community members can propose and vote on events using their $EVENT tokens. The weight of a user's vote and proposal rights are proportional to their stake levels. Winning auctions will receive EventDAO benefits and will have their event featured on the Marketplace.
By holding and staking $EVENT tokens, users can participate in weekly auctions on the EventDAO Dashboard and help shape the events that will be held in the coming week. This decentralized voting mechanism allows the community to have a direct say in the events that take place on the platform, creating a truly collaborative and democratic event-planning process.