Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
  • All social media accounts of EventDAO Launched.
  • EventDAO Whitepaper and Manifesto published on Medium.
  • EventDAO Landing Website Launched.
  • EventDAO Let's Have a Fun Stamps Event - 28K people attended in just 1 week.
  • EventDAO Quest Event - participation of a total of 800 people.
  • EventDAO NFT Contract has been written with Developer Team.
  • EventDAO NFTs were created with the Designer team.
  • Special deals with Alpha Groups and some WLs to their Community.
  • EventDAO Wait-List Page Launch.
  • EventDAO Stamps Airdrop - 41K people who joined the Wait-List.
  • Agreements with artists to include artists on EventDAO Artists.
  • Online Event with agreed Artists.
  • First AMA held.
  • New names to join Event DAO Team.
  • Get started Marketing with Influencers, projects and Artists.
  • EventDAO Token's SEED and Private Sale Round will be launched.
  • The EventDAO NFT Mint Date will be announced and Mint will be launched on the announced date.
  • Adding new artists to EventDAO Artists.
  • EventDAO Dashboard Launch.
  • Publication of the Online Event calendar exclusively for EventDAO NFT Holders.
  • Governance voting begins on the EventDAO Dashboard for the first major IRL Event.
  • Land acquisition in Sandbox and Decentraland for possible metaverse online Events planned.
  • EventDAO Token Airdrop.
  • EventDAO Token Launch with Public IDO.
  • Avatar and items Airdrop to EventDAO NFT Holders - as the first step for the virtual world.
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