Cards Utilities

Our NFT Cards provide various benefits to users. For example, after an EventDAO event ends, PassCard and VIPCard holders will receive a share of the event's profit. The distribution of profits will be determined as follows: PassCard holders will receive 0.007% and VIPCard holders will receive 0.1%. Card stakers will also have the ability to vote on EventDAO events and changes to the DAO.
VIP Card holders will receive free guaranteed seats to events, as well as physical and virtual rewards. PassCard holders will have the chance to win free tickets to events through draws, and will also have special discounts on all events. Additionally, all card stakers will be eligible for potential partnership opportunities and benefits that EventDAO can offer as a gateway between centralized and decentralized actors and applications in both online and IRL settings.
As blockchain enterprises continue to create partnerships within the ecosystem, the benefits for NFT holders will naturally increase over time.