The EventDAO platform offers three types of non-fungible tokens (NFTs):
  1. 1.
    Pass Card
  2. 2.
    VIP Card
  3. 3.
    Team Card
Each type of NFT grants different levels of voting rights and earning potential within the platform. For example, a VIP Card may have a higher vote weight and a larger share of event earnings than a Pass Card. Additionally, the length of time that an NFT is held can also affect its vote weight and earning potential.
Users can use their NFTs to participate in the governance of the platform by voting on events and proposals on the Governance Dashboard. The different types of NFTs and their associated voting rights and earning potentials ensure a balanced and fair decision-making process within the EventDAO community. This allows for a diverse range of voices and perspectives to be represented in the governance of the platform.
Event DAO NFT Cards

Pass Card

The Pass Card is EventDAO's primary access card, with a limited supply of 6666. The card gives its holder the right to vote and entitles them to a portion of earnings after each event. It also offers the chance to win a free ticket to events through a raffle, or a 40% discount on the ticket if not chosen.

VIP Card

The VIP Card is EventDAO's highest-tier NFT, with a limited supply of 100. As the owner of a VIP Card, you will have voting rights and a share of revenues after each event. You will also be guaranteed a ticket to every event.

Team Card

There is only one Team Card, which belongs to the EventDAO team. This card has the same voting rights as a VIP Card.