There are three types of NFTs.
  1. 1.
    Pass Card
  2. 2.
    VIP Card
  3. 3.
    Team Card
On our Governance Dashboard, the vote weight is affected even by the number of days you hold the NFT, and each has a separate vote weight.
At the same time, the proportion of each of their event earnings changes.
Event DAO NFT Cards

Pass Card

The Pass Card is EventDAO's primary access card, with a supply of 6666.
The Pass Card entitles its holder to vote, a portion of earnings after each event, a free ticket to events if chosen by raffle, or a 40% discount on the ticket if not.

VIP Card

The VIP Card has a limited supply of 100 and is EventDAO's highest-tier NFT.
Owners of VIP Cards have voting rights and a part of the revenues after each Event. They also receive a guaranteed ticket to every event.

Team Card

There is only 1 Team Card and that card belongs to the team. This card has the same voting rights as a VIP Card.